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Unlocking a Visualization Ability

New Hypnosis Download:

Unlocking a Visualization Ability

January 17, 2009: Many clients experience trouble visualizing during a hypnosis session. Boost visualization ability with this MP3. Download here


Fear of Flying

Hypnosis Treatments:

Treating a Fear of Flying

Rob Handley looks at the key aspects surrounding the treatment of aeroplane/flying phobias with hypnotherapy. Read here

Hypnosis and Dementia

Hypnosis News:

How Hypnosis Can Help with Dementia

Treatment News: Find out how you can help clients suffering from dementia using hypnotherapy. Read here



Hypnosis Treatments:

Covert Consumer in the Midnight Kitchen

Rob Handley recalls a client with a fascinating habit of waking up having feasted in their kitchen. Read here


Hypnosis Case Histories:

Helping Clients with Bulimia
Rob Handley
specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and looks at the treatment options for a client with bulimia.
Read here

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Stopping Smoking MP3/CD coverStop Smoking

With proven hypnotic techniques

Weight Loss MP3/CD coverWeight Loss

Retrain your mind for healthy eating

Stopping Swearing MP3/CD coverStop Swearing

Reduce that offensive stress

Binge Drinking MP3/CD coverBinge Drinking

Feel free to not over-drink

Caffeine Addiction MP3/CD coverCaffeine Addiction
Beat the addiction and save

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Regaining Confidence
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22 Jan 09

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22 Jan 09

  Accepting Step-Parent

17 Jan 09

  Fear of Hospitals

13 Jan 09

Gambling - The Fool

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